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On enter in our server you accepting all rules bellow:

1- Account, items and AP.

The team has the right to change the rules of the game at any time. It is your responsibility to keep yourself regularly informed of these rules. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to share login or account information with others, as it could put a risk to your account. The team reserves the right to not service or support an account if an issue occurs after \"account-sharing\". All transactions done between players are at the players risk! Creating multiple accounts is permitted. Connecting several accounts simultaneously is tolerated, with exception of pvp instances and Vilefiend Spire. Scamming is prohibited and will result in a ban, when proven. We kindly ask you to provide us sufficient evidence for checking possible scam behaviours.

2- Character, sprite name or Guild name.

Discriminatory, pornographic, political, inappropriate names for players, guilds or sprite, as well as offensive names, are prohibited. Please remember that if you choose names difficult to spell (with confusing \"i\" \"l\" or other examples) every possible mistake will be your responsibility. A GM can always change every character name in any moment if needed. Players who choose to give their sprite an inappropriate name will not be allowed to summon their sprite. The name you choose cannot include the tag \"PM\", \"GM\", \"GS\", or other misleading names. Remember that impersonating an existing player or staff member is also prohibited.

3- Use and modification of the game

It is forbidden to modify Grand Fantasia client in any way. However, it is tolerated to modify the UI only if it does not alter gameplay or oer an advantage over the other players. Concerning the bots and 3rd party programs: - The use of any kind of BOT and macros is forbidden, aloy allowed sprites macro. Concerning external software : - The use of any software interfering with the gameplay is forbidden. - Cheating and hacking is forbidden. - Is still considered botting (even if less serious) being AFK with a summoned pet farming monsters. Concerning bugs :

4- Communication in game

It is strictly forbidden to make comments: - offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic, pornographic, obscene, inciting hatred or suicide, advocating violence and war, propaganda for fanatic/religious/political groups. - likely to seriously harm the morals of underage children and teenagers or their well-being. - likely to harm the image of Infinity Classic. - likely to infringe copyrights, patents, trademarks or other proprietary rights, image rights and other personality rights or other rights of third parties. - that promote other games, who are looking for trading other games, or trading accounts (non-Infinity Classic accounts included). - Provocation and taunt are also prohibited. Harassing a person several times for any reason is NOT acceptable!!! Do NOT judge someone because she/he plays or thinks differently than you do! Please include evidence of harassment in your reports in addition to a detailed summary of the incident. Asking about cheats, hacks, bugs, exploits, bots or other means of unfair gameplay is forbidden. So is a discussion about these topics. The exception is if a GM or GS is asking directly for information about these topics. Concerning the different channels in game: - Players are asked to respect the channels, and post their messages in the rights channels: >Say (ctrl + S) : Private conversations, trading, looking for groups, looking for guilds, following the rules above. >LFP (ctrl + F) : \"looking for party\" recruit other player for dungeons, Battlefields, Guilds. Love connections etc. >Trade (ctrl + T): Selling, Buying, Trading, Services (pLvling, bufs, dungeon runs for money etc.) . >World (ctrl + Z) : For any game question, or if you are looking for a GM/GS. >Yell (ctrl + Y) : For area events, dungeons >Battlefield (ctrl + A) : for battlefields Please help us maintening an healthy chat by using the correct channels! Stopping chat ow, abusing caps, sending spam or flood (repeat multiple times the same text or write in a row to annoy other users) is forbidden, especially in World channel. Begging is not allowed. Begging is when you repeatedly ask other players to give you money, items or services (such as Power Leveling) for free even though you have been denied this previously. Broadcasters and Victory Speeches are subject to the same rules as above.

5. PvE & PVP: Anti-gaming, harassment, misbehavior Anti-gaming, any action by a player towards another player that prevents normal gameplay, is forbidden.

Bringing one or more monsters on other players in order to kill them is forbidden. Spam a player with requests or any kind (group, trade, sprite group/defy, duel, alliance...) can be considered harassment. The staff will evaluate case by case. It is also forbidden to insult, offense or harass a member of the team (GM, GS, or another member of the Aeria Game Staff). PvP Channel: On this channel, it is possible to kill other players that are roaming around outside of major cities without being on a special PvP Map. This is the intended gameplay use for the channel. We would like to let our players know that we do not restrict these killings in any way. Killing any player on the PvP channel is allowed. However, tracking a player who has left PvP channel in order to continue to kill him is considered harassment, and is forbidden. It is forbidden to AFK or leech in Vileend Spire in order to get the loot. Linking items that are not in your possession with the help of technical assistance is not allowed. We will investigate any report of such actions and apply disciplinary measures accordingly. Interrupting, altering or disturbing any events Ingame hosted by a GM or a GS is forbidden and will be harshly sanctioned!